CT Chest


  • These are some images of what a CT of the Chest looks like. Images are taken in an axial plane (similar to looking at each slice in a loaf of bread). Using the computer the images can be reformatted into other planes and windows. A CT Chest gives very detailed images and valuable information of the structures of the lungs.
  •  Some of the reasons a CT Chest would be ordered is for lung cancer, old or new pneumonia, tuberculosis, emphysema, obstructive lung disease (COPD), or bronchiectasis. It may be necessary to have an injection of contrast during the examination, thus possibly requiring labwork.
  • At Community MRI-CT we offer CT exams for 1/3 of the cost of others. Our average CT costs $500 compared to $1500 elsewhere. Give us a call the next time our Dr orders a CT, and we can save you money!

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