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Making the High-Cost MRI a Thing of the Past

If your doctor has recommended that you have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or a CT (computerized tomography) scan, then you probably know it is one of the best diagnostic tools available. But do you also know that you have a choice of MRI-CT facility?

It’s true – you can choose the MRI or CT provider that meets your needs for cost, quality and convenience – Community MRI-CT.

One-on-one care is the rule at Community MRI-CT. Our facility is conveniently located with front door parking. Registration is completed at the reception desk, just steps away from the exam room.

You are More Than Just a Customer to Us

Your MRI or CT will be performed in a comfortable, personalized way by an ARRT-registered MRI and CT technologist on an ACR accredited scanner. A radiologist will read the scan and promptly forward the results to your doctor within 24 hours. From scheduling your appointment to completing your exam, every aspect of care at Community MRI-CT keeps your convenience and comfort in mind. When you need an MRI or CT, remember, you do have a choice. At Community MRI-CT, the low rates can help you do something that is very important these days – control your health care costs. Plus, Community MRI-CT works with almost every insurance company.

Tell your doctor that for cost, quality and convenience, Community MRI-CT is your choice.

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