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How long will the exam take?

The scan length is dependent upon which part of the body is being scanned and what type of scan you are having.  MRI or CT generally takes between 30 minutes and one hour. X-rays take approximately 10 minutes per body part scheduled.  If you have a question regarding the length of your scan please contact our facility.

Do I need to wear anything special for my exam?

Most patients will be changed from their street clothes into a gown and shorts, regardless of the exam ordered.  It is helpful to have any piercings and jewelry removed before your appointment time.

If I have metal in my body from a prior surgery, can I have an MRI?

Most people who have metal in their body (for example, hip or knee replacement) from a prior surgery can have an MRI approximately 6 weeks after surgery and other implanted devices require less time. Other devices, such as heart pacemakers, defibrillators and nerve stimulators CANNOT go into the MRI scanner. Please inform the technologist of any metal in your body prior to your scan.  If you have a card from your doctor for any implant, such as a cardiac stent, please bring it along to your appointment.

How soon will I have the results from my exam?

Community MRI & CT is able to provide results to your physician within a very short amount of time from completion of your scan if the physician requested it. Otherwise all results are communicated to your physician’s office within 24 hours of exam completion.

What if I have an allergy?

It is very important that you communicate any allergies or drug sensitivities that you may have. During the patient screening process you will have an opportunity to list any intolerance. A contrast agent may be administered during your scan upon the request of your referring physician, and with previous contrast allergies, pre-medication with Benadryl and a steroid may be required.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my exam?

Most exams will require no special preparation, but if you have questions, please ask!

If you have prior images of the same body area being examined, please arrange to bring them with you or have them sent over prior to your visit for comparison. This will expedite the completion of your results. If you are unable to do so, let our Patient Scheduling Coordinator know where to locate your images and we will do this for you.

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