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MRI Lumbar Spine

An MRI of the lumbar spine will evaluate: Bones A lumbar spine MRI will include the lumbar vertebral bodies, lamina, facets, spinous process and parts of the lower thoracic spine and the upper sacral spine. The lumbar spine MRI can detect bone fractures, tumors, infection and evaluate post-surgical changes. An MRI can also determine the …

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How much does a CT cost?

Here is an article about the cost of a CT. http://blog.remakehealth.com/blog_Healthcare_Consumers-0/bid/7499/How-much-does-a-CT-Scan-cost We knew we were offering a savings for people with MRI, but did not realize how much we were with CT. Our average CT is $500, a third of what others charge. Check out http://www.communitymrinorfolk.com/ for additional price comparisons. Thanks for supporting us, allowing …

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